Friday, 26 July 2013

Never be a fool

Few weeks before now, I was busy like a fool, but with what happened in the last days, I feel myself is a fool... If everyday we have to count minute by minute, then I choose to be as good as possible to myself to enjoy every second while I am still alive.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Tous faire en même temps

Il m'arrive tout un cout trop de chose à faire dernièrement, il y a des travaux dans tous les sens! Je me pose la question : est-ce que c'est possible de tout faire en même temps : la coordination interne, le secrétaire pour mon patron et les visiteurs, l’organisation d’évènement, etc. J’ai tout de suite la réponse « Mais oui! Parce que je suis justement en train de faire! ».

"Too much things I have to complete within this week... which one should be done the first if they are all urgent. I'd like to be more reasonable and be organized well."

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Follow in love

The felling of follow in love is so amazing that I never can imaging before. Just few weeks before, I was blame myself about if it's a wrong decision to be like what I am at the moment, then I went to a birthday party of a new friend of my friend, secretly, the love comes to us, and it makes me like I was taken the drug. Thank you, to come to me.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

"half sugar in my coffee please"

That was this morning, I woke up with a big smile on my face. Later on with certain reason, I kept that face until I order my breakfast in McDonald at the metro station that I visit every morning when I go to work. Don't know why, I gave the person who service me a bigger smile, then order my combo, in end, I said "un crème, un lait et moitié sucre pour mon café, s.t.p.", then I got all my stuff. After I site down in the bus and tasted my coffee, I realized that my coffee was too sweet... Finally, I understand that McDo kit got my message wrong and gave me a half cup of sugar in my cup! How nice is it?

What I want to say is that if I have the same difficulty to understand certain actions or phrases, I'd bette to ask the person to explain it, maybe again and again, until we both understand what you need and if I can give you the right one (or I can't meet your needs at all). See, this is what we called the communication, and it's very important for me. I think it could be a good idea to keep this in my life and between my friends, family and kits. Wow, maybe I was just think too much in the last few second. Ciao!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

A night with cold rain

It supposed to be a night with a perfect round moon in the sky tonight, with families, but here from my couch, I can see only the drizzle outside in this glittering city, feel the cold from the rest of my apartment. Now, I start to think maybe at this moment I may better seriously start to consider where am I should go in the rest my life time. The answer is "a stable home" with enough of trust, communication and support. Wouldn't it be a brilliant choice!?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Vendredi soir, en pleurant

Ce n'est pas un vendredi noir, mais ma journée n'été pas bien passé, le travail n'avance pas vraiment non plus, et je n'ai pas eu un bon humeur à avant mon bureau. Je ne veut pas me fait concentrer encore dans l'émotion de la journée, mais une sentiment de mon choix d'aller dans un aventure de ma vie.

Depuis que j'ai commencé de s'éloigner mess parents pour l'école, je prends la connaissance de ma liberté et le responsabilité de mes choix. Plusieurs année après de là, un travail me donne la chance de pouvoir approcher mon rêve. Il y a des nouvelles qui me font sauter, rire, triste et pleurer, je les apprécie  et en même temps, je dois m'adresser à ceux qui prendre leur temps de passer avec moi pour m'enseigner, m'écouter, me partager, me faire confiance etc.

J'été triste pour un moment, mais grâce à la grande d'amour,  je retienne mon souri sur mon visage dans mon coeur.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

let it go

That was crazy last night, and I was not like what I am usually behaves, it was so thankful what the feeling the meeting brings to me.

Thursday night, on a web site that I often visit, I saw a week-end activity which is pretty near where I live, so I decide to go and meet some new people in this city or from anywhere in this world. It was funny that I was thinking the meeting in the bar Le LAB would be very relaxing and quiet, and I wasn't expect this could be so fun that I met lots of people, event they were not from our group! 

There's some times in a year, I could be pretty talkative, active and positive. I think that was the moment last night, and it makes me feel so free to go, don't have any shy, always want to talk with everyone, listen to each of them to told me the news or stories from their experiences, culture, food, jobs anything! It was so great. 

I don't think that I'm a quite social animal, but 90% of my friend or colleagues feels that I am, or at least that I can be very sociable. Ok, if the moment it comes, I will just do the same as last night, to be free and let it go.